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Diamond Fox, sometimes credited as Diamond Foxxx, was born in Albany, Georgia. Both her parents were in the military (father navy, mother marines) and they ended up moving a lot. She eventually ended up in Virginia with her family when her father retired and becoming an EMT for four years. She got married in that time but it ended in divorce and she joined the marines. After almost a year, she left the marines and returned home. She met her second husband, and began doing porn in 2004. Before that she had also worked as a stripper in Dallas and had much smaller tits. In December 2004 she had a boob job and went up to DD cups. She made about 50 films in her short career - mostly MILF movies. Her career was short and a bit rocky as well with an arrest and early retirement. Her arrest was in Ohio in February 2005 for prostitution. She was swept up in a sting with escorts (escorts are legal in Ohio, selling sex isn't) and she was arrested for asking $950 dollars an hour for sex. She was later released with only a small fine. Later that same year she was diagnosed with cervical cancer and had a hysterectomy. She returned to the adult industry 2 1/2 years later in 2007 and her boobs have grown to a G cup. She currently lives in Florida and has her own site

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