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Marya is an especially cute babe with the sweetest little titties and perfect little nipples. She was born on July 30 in 1988 and is in her mid-twenties, but she is still a bit of a new comer and has a fresh look and a mouth-watering tight pussy. Marya is a brunette with brown eyes and she comes from Russia. She is 5'8 and 119 pounds with a slim 32-24-34 body. She has performed under a couple of different aliases, but under her current name it looks like she already has a specialty. If you love anal action, then you'll love this tart.

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Date added: 03-31-2011 Rating:
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Date added: 03-18-2011 Rating:
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Date added: 03-05-2011 Rating:
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Date added: 02-17-2011 Rating:
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Date added: 12-31-2010 Rating:
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Date added: 12-05-2010 Rating:
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